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About us

Applied-AI to Protect America's Industrial Base

We analyze publicly-available information to help organizations make better decisions by identifying blindspots and detecting patterns in science & technology sectors with a global-centric approach.

the problem

Tech Surprise

/tek sə(r)ˈprīz/
The sudden or unexpected evolution of a technology, scientific breakthrough, or operational use-case.

Our Thesis


/ Powerhouse

In the Post-Cold War era, the United States has enjoyed decades of dominance in the global R&D space, leading the world in technological advances and engineering breakthroughs.


/ Turtle & Hare

The global technological capability gap is closing. Assuming that the next innovative research or engineering discovery will be in our own backyard is
no longer a given.


/ Danger Zone

Lacking awareness gravely risks the economic competitiveness and national security of American companies and institutions, including the U.S. government. 


/ Our Future

The need for globally-focused Science & Technology Intelligence is more important than ever.

How we react will determine the future of global leadership in innovation.


Science & Tech
Intelligence (S&TI)

We are building the most
globally-comprehensive S&TI platform to date

We leverage the power of cutting-edge AI technology to offer the most relevant insights and analysis tools, personalized to sector focus.

Our Tradecraft

With an explosion of data readily accessible on the internet, Open-source intelligence (OSINT) tradecraft is critical to understanding the information landscape. 

We leverage AI in the collection, organization and analysis of publicly available information to gain insight of potential disruptive technologies  to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. 

— Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)


A type of intelligence gathering that involves collecting and analyzing publicly available information from a variety of sources such as the internet, media, and public forums. It is used to enhance understanding and inform decision-making in various fields, including but not limited to, business, government, and security.

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